7th Heaven Yoga Center

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Riding the Change
with Jnana Gowan

Ongoing class meets every other month

Upcoming Dates: May 22, 2010
Time: 1-5 pm
Cost: Pre-register $40 / Drop-in $50

Riding the Change – An exploration of the peri-mental-pausal years with asana, breath work/meditation and congenial commiseration.

In this workshop we will come together as a group of perimenopausal power-surging women to share the intensity of this life-changing time and celebrate the initiation into a deeper intuition and a more creative self. This workshop includes a check-in and menopause discussion and explores yoga postures (including restorative yoga poses) that help support the hormonal roller-coaster of “the change”. We will practice mindfulness and breath work as a way to connect to ourselves – and in turn, use this work to support us as we lay awake at 3:00 a.m. as our brain re-wires itself.

All women go through this amazing time and every woman has her own story. Join us and share your story as a way of staying sane and present as you enter into your seriously divine feminine. This class is for all levels from basic beginner to the seasoned practitioner.

Bio info:
Jnana Gowan is the founder and director of Powerhouse Education; a company dedicated to the health & well being of all individuals. A teacher for 10 years, she specializes in yoga for women in transitional times from prenatal and postpartum to women in their perimenopausal years. She has one foot in the corporate world with her At Your Desk Yoga program and she wrote the chapter “Yoga at the Office” for the book Executive Stamina. Acting as a consultant for the business world she educates executives on how to use yoga while at the work place. As an instructor, Jnana has the unique ability to make people of all ages & sizes feel at ease and to share their true essence. She feels that it is highly gratifying to share with each student the wonder and excitement of a body in balance.

For more info on Powerhouse Education go to: www.powerhed.com
Or contact her directly at 510-734-4122

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Yoga & TRE
Releasing the Psoas, Lower Back, and Trauma through Movement
with Maria Alfaro

Date: Saturday, May 22nd
Time: 1-3:30 pm
Cost: $45

What Is TRE© (Trauma Release Evercises)
TRE is a simple, gentle and profound technique that facilitates the relaxation of the psoas muscle and the release of physical and emotional tension and stress. The TRE exercises tire the legs, triggering an involuntary shaking and trembling response,
which begins in the legs and often spreads throughout the body. This shaking is actually the nervous system’s way of discharging long-held tension or unconscious muscle contraction in order to restore the body to wholeness. TRE, developed by David Berceli, a bioenergetic therapist, has been used successfully all over the world for more than a decade.

Our body is the greatest ally for healing trauma. An hour session of gentle and all levels Yoga will precede the revolutionary Trauma Release Exercises facilitated by Maria Alfaro.

Some benefits you may expect from TRE:
• Improved sense of being “grounded”
• Release of deep chronic tension and increase of overall energy and stamina
• Discharge of buried emotional and physical trauma
• “Shake loose” unconscious involuntary muscular contractions
• Promotes deep relaxation and improves circulation
• Increase of the body’s sensitivity to pleasure
• The healing of sciatica
• Increased flexibility

For more information about Maria please visit www.yogadventure.com

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Special Worshop at Omega Institute in New York

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The Shadow Effect

Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford, and Marianne Williamson—New York Times best-selling authors and internationally acclaimed teachers—have joined together to share their knowledge of one of the biggest obstacles to happiness: our shadow. Their new book, The Shadow Effect: Illuminating the Hidden Power of Your True Self, brings to light the parts of ourself we deny but that still direct our life. When we learn to embrace our shadow, we discover the gifts of our authentic nature.Join these three extraordinary teachers for an evening of conversation and inspiration about The Shadow Effect. The evening includes clips from The Shadow Effect movie and a book signing with all three authors.The event is general admission and begins at 8:00 p.m. in The Grand at the Manhattan Center in New York City (311 West 34th Street, between 8th and 9th Avenues). Books and DVDs will be available for purchase. Tickets are non-refundable.

“Online Stream – The Shadow Effect” on Thursday, May 13 at 8:00pm.Event: Online Stream – The Shadow Effect
What: Workshop
Start Time: Thursday, May 13 at 8:00pm
End Time: Thursday, May 13 at 11:00pm
Where: http://www.liiv.com?

Order the Book Today!

The Shadow Effect: Illuminating the Hidden Power of Your True Self is a practical and profound guide to discovering the gifts of your shadow. The shadow exists within all of us. It is a part of us and yet we spend most of our life running from it. But far from being scary, our dark side holds the promise of a better, more fulfilling life. Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford, and Marianne Williamson help us release our past so we can achieve our dreams and find happiness.

Deepak Chopra, MD is author of more than 50 books translated into more than 35 languages, including numerous New York Times best-sellers. Time magazine heralds Chopra as one of the top 100 heroes and icons of the century and credits him as “the poet-prophet of alternative medicine.” chopra.com

Debbie Ford is the author of six books, including the New York Times best-seller The Dark Side of the Light Chasers and Why Good People Do Bad Things. She is creator of the Shadow Process Workshop and founder of The Ford Institute for Integrative Coaching. debbieford.com

Marianne Williamson has helped millions reconnect to their spirituality and find inner peace. She is author of 10 books, including the #1 New York Times best-sellers, A Return to Love and Everyday Grace. She is founder of Project Angel Food and cofounder of The Peace Alliance. marianne.com

Awakening Your Inner Love Workshop

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Friday, May 7th 7:00 – 10:00 pm
Awakening your Inner Lover with Agapi Stassinopoulos

Cost: $40adv or $45/day of

Join us for an uplifting seminar for men and women. Discover a happier relationship with yourself and others based on the 15 Greek Archetypes.

Explore your own archetypes and reawaken your passion. Identify your unique strengths and your love-ability. Open up the doors to your creativity, wisdom, spontaneity and joy. Learn to create happy and intimate partnerships. Embrace all your aspects and claim your gifts. Build healthy boundaries as you celebrate your oneness with all.

The Inner Lover
By Agapi Stassinopoulos

I could walk on water so you’ll know I love you * I could give you wings and you can come flying with me * And you’ll know I love you * I could do arabesques and pirouettes * Dance the polka or drop a million stars at your feet * And you’ll know I love you * Or I could have every blade of grass * Sing “I love you”, in harmony till * Every cell of your billion cells * Will hear it loud and clear * But your mind somehow still won’t believe it * So I wait in the corner for you to turn around * Letting you search for me * Going through your ups and downs * Take the million mile journey * Do sidda yoga postures until the cows come home * Wail and cry, “Where are you!?” * Feel hurt, betrayed, rejected, alone and abandoned * I’ll let you do all that * Because when you find me * You’ll feel it’s worthwhile * So I’m not going to take the journey away from you *I won’t deny you the right to know * That you now deserve to know me * I, however, never put conditions in my love * You did * I threw a million daisy petals at your feet * So you can play the game * “He loves me, he loves me not” * But you somehow managed to always end it * In the Not * So I will let you be in your search for me * Til one moment you’ll exhale, let go, turn around * And you will fall in my embrace * And know the immensity of my Love * And that you and I are One

“Agapi is an authentic inspirational speaker who knows how to connect with and move her audience. She brings out the beauty, power and independence of the Greek Gods and Goddesses and the archetypes in all of us to help us create the life we want”
– Deepak Chopra

Agapi Stassinopoulos was born and raised in Athens, Greece. She graduated the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. Doing the preparatory research with her sister Arianna Huffington, on a book about the Gods and Goddesses of Greece ignited Agapi’s passion to do more work with the gods From there, she developed a TV series called The Gods of Greece for PBS. Her book “Gods and Goddesses in Love: Making the Myth a Reality for You,” was published by Pocket Books of Simon and Schuster and has been translated into six languages. It deals with love and how the understanding of the Greek archetypes can help us in our personal relationships. Agapi lectures and conducts seminars worldwide for both men and women helping them become more connected to their inner wisdom and with her passion inspires them to live an empowered life.

Costa Rican Yoga Adventure

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Day 1-3 Cahuita National Park, Aviarios Wildlife Refuge
Highlights: Jungle Beach, Canoeing on Virgin Wetlands, Rainforest hiking, Sloth Refuge, Bird and Wildlife Watching, Orchid garden.
Wildlife: Sloths, white-faced monkeys, anteaters, otters, caiman, morpho butterflies, poison-arrow frogs, and over 300 species of exotic tropical birds.

     Start your adventure sharing a crowd-free rainforest beach with monkeys, sloths, toucans and more. Enjoy hiking relaxing, wildlife viewing and more at an easygoing pace. Stay at a Sloth Wildlife Refuge and Bird Aviary. Canoe through virgin wetlands in search of exotic colorful birds such as the Purple Gallenule and Rosette Spoonbill. Enjoy an orchid garden.

Day 3-5 La Selva Biological Reserve, Sarapiqui River, Puerto Viejo River
Highlights: Whitewater rafting, flatwater wildlife expedition on a rainforest river, hiking in a Biological Station with biologists studying the rainforest.
Wildlife: Extreme biodiversity including 400 species of birds, rare rainforest frogs, river otter, agouti, coati, monkeys, anteaters and more.
     The Sarapiqui is one of the highlights of every paddler’s “dream trip.” Passing directly through La Selva Biological Reserve, the river is surrounded by old-growth rainforest and exotic birds. The next day we’ll run the Puerto Viejo river, a remote river that rarely sees any humans besides us!

     InnerQuest Exclusive: Choose from rafts, inflatable kayaks or canoes for both whitewater and flatwater segments. More small boats spread out along the river means more eyes spread out along the river, which means we see more wildlife! And in the flat-water sections we can stop and observe wildlife for a more intimate experience of the rainforest and wildlife than any other conventional tour.

Eve 5 La Fortuna, Volcano Arenal, Hot Springs
     Relax in a rejuvinating hot springs near the foothills of of Volcano Arenal. Then enjoy a night-time view of the volcano spouting lava.

Day 6-8 Monteverde Cloud Forest
Highlights: Cloud forest, Canopy Tour. Naturalist-guided Hiking and Birding.
Wildlife: Resplendent Quetzals, trogans, rare hummingbirds and hundreds of birds unique to the Cloud forest. Howler monkeys and other small mammals.
      The Bio-diversity and exuberance of life in the cloudforest is a result of clouds drifting in and dripping constant moisture on the dense canopy tops. A naturalist guide points out a stunning array of plant and birdlife, perhaps even the endangered Resplendent Quetzal. Later, a series of suspended bridges and platforms offers an unforgettable glimpse of life high amongst the canopy and the transcendent sensation of walking amongst the clouds.

Eve 8 Carara Biological Preserve
Highlights: Evening Scarlet Macaw migration, rare wildlife, giant exotic hardwoods.

Crocodiles, scarlet macaws, anteater, ocelot, peccaries, white-faced and spider monkeys, poison-arrow frog.
      An old growth forest of striking complexity and density, Carara’s giant trees include 10 of the rarest hardwoods in Costa Rica. The unique combination of ecosystems is habitat for many rare and endangered animals, including one of the largest populations of scarlet macaws in the country, which migrate twice daily from the inland rainforest to the coastal mangrove swamps.

Day 9-10 Manuel Antonio Park (14 day itineraries only)
Highlights: Spectacular world-class beaches
White-faced and squirrel monkeys right on the beach!
      The most popular national park in Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio offers dense rainforests spilling down onto brilliant white sand beaches populated with friendly white-faced and squirel monkeys.

Day 11 -14 Osa Peninsula/Corcovado:
Highlights: This is THE place you dream of when you think Costa Rica! The most remote, most biodiverse, most wildlife (including many rare and indigenous species) and NO mosquitoes! Osa also holds the largest remaining stand of virgin rainforest in Central America. One of the last truly unspoiled and wild places in the world.
Wildlife: Osa is the absolute best place to see all 4 types of Costa Rican monkeys, (including rare squirrel monkeys) peccaries and other exotic wildlife, in greater numbers than anywhere else, and your best chance to spot jaguar and other big cats. It is one of the last stands for many extremely rare and endangered species including the Harpy Eagle and King Vulture. Over 400 species of birds including the largest population of scarlet macaws in the country.

      INNERQUEST EXCLUSIVE! Explore Golfito Bay Enjoy sunset kayaking with dolphins and a unique night-time excursion to snorkel at night and see the water come alive with blue sparkles of bioluminescence. Hike private wildlife reserves with wildlife expertsand Corcovado National Park. Enjoy pristine beaches teeming with scarlet macaws, rare and endangered wildlife and stay at a world-class jungle lodge recently featured in Conde Naste Traveler!

Trip Extensions:
     A natural network of scenic jungle canal navigable only by boat, Tortuguero protects over 350 species of birds and mammals, including endangered great green macaws and jaguars. It is one of the most important nesting sites for green sea turtles. Enjoy boating, canoeing and wildlife watching from your waterfront lodge. Call for different price options.
Drake Bay
     Explore Osa’s wild northern end. Hike Corcovado National Park with local naturalist guides, boat to Cano Island for a day of snorkeling, or just relax at one of Costa Rica’s best jungle lodges. Call for different price options.

Every Sunday at the Nyingma Institute!

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Class, Meditation, and Meditation Garden

Sunday Events Schedule:

Morning Meditation

9-9:45 AM

An opportunity to deepen your meditation practice and to introduce your friends or family to the benefits of Nyingma meditation. Each session includes brief meditation instruction followed by silent sitting. You are welcome to attend any Sunday session. No pre-registration or prior experience necessary.
Cost: $5.

Kum Nye Relaxation

10 AM to Noon

Discover the gentle movement exercises of Kum Nye: effective techniques for relaxation, healing, relieving tension, and revitalizing body and mind. Both experienced and beginning students are welcome to attend this drop-in class.
Cost: $15.

Tibetan Chanting

5:00 – 6:00 PM

Every Sunday we invite the public to join us for an hour of Tibetan chanting and meditation.

Sunday Talks

6:00 – 7:00 PM

At 6 PM a talk on Nyingma teachings is presented by a Nyingma Institute faculty member or visiting scholar.
Free. See topics below.

Upcoming Free Sunday Talks

Calm and Clear Lecture Series, March-April, 2010

A regular meditation practice allows us to become calm and to stay clear. We discover in meditation a foundation for self-development. As we continue to practice, almost imperceptibly the quality of everyday life begins to change. We find that we act with more creativity and care, truly engaged in our own lives and more responsive to others. In each talk in this two-month lecture series, you will learn about a particular aspect of Tibetan Buddhist meditation and be introduced to some of the many meditative practices that lead to ease and clarity.

April 4, 6-7 PM: Bob Byrne on “Developing Joyous Ease”

Meditation uncovers a natural serenity that opens the mind and senses to joy. Nyingma Institute instructor Bob Byrne will lead participants in meditation practices that activate joyous ease.

April 11, 6-7 PM: Olivia Hurd on “Meditations to Open the Heart”

Specific practices from the Tibetan tradition help you to cultivate an open-hearted, loving attitude in all that you do. Nyingma Institute instructor Olivia Hurd will lead you through some of these practices and talk about how to deepen compassion for yourself and for others.

 April 18, 6-7 PM: Erika Rosenberg on “Seeing Through Self-Images”

Erika Rosenberg, research psychologist in human emotions and Nyingma Institute instructor, will discuss ways to recognize the complex images we hold of ourselves, how they operate, and how our attachment to them creates suffering for us and those around us. Taking the opportunity to liberate ourselves from these concepts can bring great freedom.

Nyingma Institute Open House

Upcoming Dates

June 6
August 29
September 26
December 5

Sunday afternoon from 3-5 PM.

Quarterly open houses introduce Kum Nye, and meditation, and provide the opportunity to meet Institute faculty and staff. The open house program runs from 3-5 PM with light refreshments, followed by our regular Sunday chant and talk from 5-7 PM. Come for some or all of the actvities.

3 PM-5 PM

  • Prayer wheel and meditation garden tour
  • Tibetan Relaxation (Kum Nye yoga) demonstration
  • Talk on the Nyingma Institute, its programs and activities
  • Class and program counseling
  • Reception with light refreshments

Following the open house is a regularly scheduled Tibetan chant at 5:00, followed by a Dharma talk at 6:00.

All open house events are free.

Yoga & Meditation at Liberation Yoga

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Last Sunday of The Month 4:30pm-6;30pm – $50

These workshops use an ancient form of rhythmic breathwork (pranayama) to open you to the place of Clear Awareness, a place where blocks can be healed, purpose revealed, self-love awakened, and freedom deeply tasted.

The Focus for the Year with each workshop will be: Deepening Self-Love and Freedom

Session 1: Sunday, February 28th – Clearing the Clutter ~ Where’s the clutter in your life? What are the distractions that take energy away from your intentions, your Purpose? Using the power of breath and Awareness we’ll work deeply into clearing any clutter or pulls on your life-force to free up more of your energy for what matters most to you.

Introductory Course with Christine Burke
Sunday April 11th and 18th 2-4pm
$50 – includes 1 week of FREE classes

Come and experience a basics class with attention to alignment and breath. The class includes a brief history of yoga and it’s health benefits.

This is the perfect way to wet your feet whether you are a brand new beginner or just coming back after a “yoga break”!

Chakra Restorative With Constance Hart
A meditative journey…A metaphysical healing

Sunday, April 4th/ 6:00-8:15pm
Call to Pre-register & Save $5!~
$35 in advance $40 at the door~Chakra Restorative Yoga with Constance Hart

THIS MONTH’S FOCUS: The Nabhi Chakra, The Navel Chakra & Gold Color Energy.

Come dressed inGOLD to deepen into the color consciousness!

Saturday & Sunday, April 10th & 11th, 9:00am – 5:30pm

Become a Certified* Chakra Restorative Yoga Instructor! For yoga instructors or yogis/yoginis interested in deepening their awareness of the esoteric yoga practices that awaken the Chakras & the subtle energy system. Get fully trained in the program Instructor Constance Hart developed 10 years ago. This is energy balancing yoga at its best! Chakra Restorative Yoga is a unique niche in yoga. Enjoy sharing this specialty with your students.


The Chakra System
The Subtle Energy Body
Energy Pathways
The Metaphysics of Yoga
Nadis, Marmas, Bandhas, Mudras & Mantras specific to the Chakras
Specific yoga asanas for the 7 Major Chakras + 5 Minor Chakras
How/Why Color has always been connected to the study & practice of Chakra Balancing and More!

* To Receive Certification, you must already have completed a Yoga Teacher’s Training at a registered studio

Cal 805-305-0046 for More Info

Liberation Yoga Teacher Training 2010
Summer 2010 -July 16th – August 29th

If you are interested in finding out more information about our next training please download the teacher training flyer or email: christine@liberationyoga.com

Wine Country Yoga Weekend Getaway

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Wine Country Yoga Weekend Getaway
Sebastopol, CA
March, May, September, October – please contact for specific dates
  Enjoy the Northern California Wine country for a weekend getaway that includes daily yoga classes, and a special visit to a local winery where we will enjoy a private cooking demonstration given by their professional chef, followed with lunch and a tour of the winery. This retreat is held in a lovely private home set on an acre of trees and gardens in the heart of the Sonoma County vineyards. Situated on the outskirts of Sebastopol, you will wind your way down a back road lush with vineyards and apple orchards to this quiet country lane. The large deck off the living room offers a private hot tub for soaking under the stars.

Cost for retreat package:
$560. per person (double occupancy)

2 nights, 3 days accommodations in private home
Arrival dinner, daily breakfast, and Saturday lunch at winery
Daily yoga classes with Annalisa Cunningham.
Visit to DeLoach Winery for private cooking class, lunch and wine tour.
Evening meditation, hot tub, relaxation

Tentative Schedule
Wine County Yoga Retreat

Please note that everything is optional. It’s your vacation. Also the schedule may change due to undetermined factors. This is a tentative schedule. The area offers an abundance of things to see and do in the short weekend that we are together.

Day 1
Arrive, get settled. Enjoy the beauty of Sonoma County
4:30 Yoga class
6:00 arrival dinner
8:30 introductions, setting our intentions, meditation.

Day 2
8:00am: Drive to Deloach winery where we will be welcomed with coffee, tea, yogurt, muffins and orange juice.
9:00: Yoga class at Deloach winery in large private room with fireplace.
11:00 Tour of organic garden and Cooking demonstration
12:30 Lunch at the winery by the pool overlooking the vineyards
2 PM tour of winery and tasting
3:30 Return to vacation house for rest and relaxation
6:00 Dinner on your own at local restaurant (recommendations given)

Day 3
8:00am: Good morning yoga class!
10:00 brunch
noon: departure

Russian River Kayak and Yoga Retreat

 - by Journey
Russian River Kayak and Yoga Retreat
Monte Rio, CA
August – please contact for specific dates
  Monte Rio, California
  Russian River photo gallery

Enjoy beautiful river views from a private river front vacation home for a weekend getaway that includes daily yoga classes, kayaking on the Russian River, an afternoon at Pacific Coast Goat Rock beach, and a picnic at Armstrong Woods State Park which features some of the tallest trees in the world and wonderful hiking trails.

This retreat is held in a lovely private home with spectacular decks overlooking the river. Kayaks and life Vests are included in retreat cost.

Cost for retreat package:
$695. per person (double occupancy)

3 nights accommodations in private river front home
Arrival dinner, daily breakfast and picnic lunches.
Daily yoga classes with Annalisa
Evening meditation, sauna, relaxation
Use of Kayaks and life vests
Excursions to Goat Rock beach and Armstrong Woods State Park

Tentative Schedule
Russian River Yoga Retreat

Please note that everything is optional. It’s your vacation. Also the schedule may change due to undetermined factors. This is a tentative schedule. The area offers an abundance of things to see and do in the short weekend that we are together.

Day 1
Arrive, get settled. Enjoy the beauty of the Russian River
5:00 Yoga class
7:00 Arrival dinner
8:30 introductions, setting our intentions, meditation.

Day 2
8:00am: Wake up coffee, tea, fruit
8:30 Good Morning Yoga class
10:00 Help Yourself Breakfast
11:30 Kayak trip on the Russian River with stop on shore to enjoy picnic lunch
3:00 Return to vacation house for rest, sauna, relaxing on the deck
6:00 Dinner on your own at local restaurant (recommendations given) or at vacation house with use of kitchen and barbecue.
8:30: Evening meditation guidance

Day 3
8:00am: Wake up coffee, tea, fruit
8:30 Good Morning Yoga class
10:00 Help yourself Breakfast
11:00 Drive to Goat Rock beach and enjoy a picnic lunch
3:00 Return to vacation house for rest, sauna, relaxing on the deck
6:00 Dinner on your own at local restaurant (recommendations given) or at vacation house with use of kitchen and barbeque.
8:30 Evening meditation guidance

Day 4
8:00am: Wake up coffee, tea, fruit
8:30: Good morning yoga class!
10:00 Help Yourself Breakfast
11:00 Prepare for departure and drive to Armstrong woods together for hiking and farewell picnic lunch.



Beginner Yoga Retreat at Yoga Mandala

 - by Journey
Devotional Chanting
Date: 4/9/2010 – 4/9/2010
Time: 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Teacher: Sean Feit


Kirtan (devotional chanting & Bhakti Yoga) at Yoga Mandala every 2nd Friday of the month.Kirtan is the practice of Bhakti and Nada Yoga. Bhakti is longing for the Beloved, which is Truth, Freedom and Love. This longing expresses herself in song. We sing bhajans (little praise songs) and mantras to the Divine in the ancient Sanskrit forms: Sita & Ram, Shiva & Parvati, RadhaKrishna, Ganesha, Hanuman, Durga Ma, Kali Ma. It’s a sweet way to end the week: come drop into your breath, vibration, a delicious community, and the mysterious language of the heart. No experience necessary – all are welcome.

February & March Join Becky White & the Secret Mission as they lead Kirtan while Sean is on retreat. http://www.beckywhitemusic.org

Sean Feit is a classically trained composer and multi-instrumentalist (piano, violin, voice, all strings) working in performance art and movement-based theater.

Deepen Your Practice: Hips and Pelvis
Date: 4/10/2010 – 4/10/2010
Time: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Teacher: Sean Feit


Join Sean for a series of 3-hour workshops, focusing on important aspects of our yoga practice. Each session will include meditation and breathwork (pranayama) to support the focus area, a full vinyasa flow, and investigation of the alignment, energies, and skills necessary for fuller embodiment in the poses. We’ll have time for detailed exploration, questions and individual attention, supporting each yogi to deepen in the poses at their own level.
April 10 – Hips and Pelvis
The cradle of our root and creative centers, the hips profoundly affect our well being, support health and vitality on all levels, and are essential in all the other poses. We’ll work slowly, easing into deep hip openers, tapping into the earthy and fluid energy that grounds and supports us.

May 15 – Twists and Forward Folds
The new moon is a perfect time to go inward, and in this class we’ll nourish the belly and heart in the context of deep twists and long restorative folds. We’ll work in both active and yin poses, emphasizing the drawing in of attention, settling the mind, and opening the back channels of the body and heart.

June 5 – Backbends and Ribs
Supported by core strength and the lumbar spine, backbends can become exhilarating, opening the heart center and awakening breath through the whole body. We’ll look at pelvic and shoulder alignment, emphasizing safety and support, and move from gentle to very deep backbends, including both energizing and delicious restorative poses.

July 10 – Inversions and Arm Balances
How to fly! In this class, we’ll unpack the mechanics and psychology of balancing on hands and arms. Supported by a vigorous vinyasa practice, props, and the wall, everyone will experience the wonderful reframing of our senses that comes from feeling the body upside down and off the floor. All levels welcome – I’ll offer easy starter poses that anyone can do, and we’ll work our way into some fun variations.

About the Instructor:
Sean has practiced meditation in the Rinzai Zen and Theravadan Buddhist traditions since 1993, and yoga since 1995. His yoga teaching emphasizes breath and concentration in asana, focusing on alignment and devotion. Sean studies meditation with Jack Kornfield, Sylvia Boorstein and Eugene Cash, Yoga with David Moreno and Alice Joanou, and Somatic Experiencing with Steven Hoskinson. He was a monk in Burma in 2002 and maintains a regular intensive retreat practice. Sean is also a pianist & composer, and is available for piano lessons, private yoga study, and SE sessions. More info at http://nadalila.org.

Finding Your Life’s Direction & the Courage to Change
Date: 4/16/2010 – 4/16/2010
Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Teacher: Sumanasa (Suzy) Daren


It is commonplace to accept the course of our life’s unfolding without ever questioning the road that we are on. Then, we wake up one day realizing that we are unhappy and dissatisfied, and in fact have been for a very long time.
Real success stems from applying our full capacities, extracting as much from our experience as possible, and traveling life’s twists and turns with authenticity and integrity.

But how do we discover what this means for ourself and begin to implement the necessary changes to make our dreams a reality?

Join Sumanasa in the discussion and practice of assessing where we’re at, what needs to change and how to proceed.

Turn, Turn, Turn: Health in Every Season with Ayurveda
Date: 4/18/2010 – 4/18/2010
Time: 10:15 am – 1:15 pm
Teacher: Atibala Thorp


According to Ayurveda each season has a recipe for recovering the body from the previous season, as well as preparing for the next. Learn how we think about the year’s divisions and get to know the seasons a little more intimately.


Kid’s Movie Night
Date: 4/23/2010 – 4/23/2010
Time: 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Teacher: Ekabhumi (Charles) Ellik


w/ Ekabhumi
$1/minute Late Pickup Fee

Yoga games, healthy snacks and a kid-friendly screening!
A night out for the Kids & A night out for you!
Ages 5-10 Welcome

Space is limited. Pre-registration strongly recommended to reserve space and snacks!
Cost: $15/kid


Foundations of Yoga: Course 1
Date: 4/23/2010 – 4/23/2010
Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Teacher: Foundation Course Instructors


Core Curriculum for Personal Practice
Hatha Yoga is a dynamic and complete path that promises realization of one’s Essence Nature. Through the methods of Hatha Yoga, the health cultivation practices of Ayurveda and understanding the theoretical view of Kundalini Tantra, a context is set for spiritual practice to bear fruit. This course will provide a foundation so that the sincere aspirant may practice with the confidence that they have attained the knowledge and tools to step onto the path of the Yogin.

See full course schedule below for April or July

All courses are open for separate registration – or offered as a comprehensive program for a discounted rate. In addition to the course curriculum, participants in the Foundations of Kundalini Tantra program will also take part in an orientations session, a closing session, and weekday morning group practice sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, both weeks.

Total Cost (No Discount) = $330
Package Cost = $265* (pre-reg by April 2 or July 2)/ $300 (after April 2 or July 2)

April Schedule
Friday, April 2
7-8:30pm – Orientation Meeting
Saturday, April 24
9am-12pm – Adi-Yoga Gate 1 Immersion
1-6pm – Intro to Ayurveda
Sunday, April 25
10am-1pm – Adi-Yoga Gate 1 Immersion
2-5pm – Own Your Health
Mon, Weds, Fri, April 26, 28 & 30
7-9am – Adi-Yoga Gate 1 Immersion
Tues, April 27
7-9am – Mantra 101
Thurs, April 29
7-9am – Mantra 101
Saturday, May 1
9am-12pm – Adi-Yoga Gate 1 Immersion
2-5pm – Tantra 101
Sunday, May 2
10am-1pm – Adi-Yoga Gate 1 Immersion
2-5pm – Tantra 101
5-6pm – Closing Session w/ Q&A

July Schedule
Friday, July 16
7-8:30pm – Orientation Meeting
Saturday, July 17
9am-12pm – Adi-Yoga Gate 1 Immersion
1-6pm – Intro to Ayurveda
Sunday, July 18
10am-1pm – Adi-Yoga Gate 1 Immersion
2-5pm – Own Your Health
Mon, Weds, Fri, July 19, 21 & 23
7-9am – Adi-Yoga Gate 1 Immersion
Tues, July 20
7-9am – Mantra 101
Thurs, July 22
7-9am – Mantra 101
Saturday, July 24
9am-12pm – Adi-Yoga Gate 1 Immersion
1-6pm – Tantra 101
Sunday, July 25
10am-1pm – Adi-Yoga Gate 1 Immersion
1-2pm – Closing Session w/ Q&A

*Students repeating the Adi-Gates Course may take an additional $40 off the cost of the package. No Additional Discounts Apply. Students buying the package may make up missed course within one year. Payment plan is available.

Adi-Yoga First Gate Immersion
Date: 4/24/2010 – 5/2/2010
Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Teacher: Kamesvari (Alisa) Thorp


The First Gate Immersion is the essential first step on the path of Adi-Yoga. See Complete Schedule Below.
“Adi Yoga Immersion provided a means for growth in personal practice that was not available to me through traditional yoga courses.”-C.B.

Adi-Yoga is a complete system of Hatha Yoga, organized by Dharmanidhi Sarasvati to preserve Yoga in its original form as it was practiced and transmitted by the Himalayan masters of the tradition. Adi-Yoga is learned in a workshop format, where the techniques and concepts will be thoroughly introduced, so that you will be ready to continue practicing on your own or in a group setting. During the First Gate the yogin is taught the basics of breath and where to keep the awareness while moving through foundational poses that are accessible to all levels of practitioners. Practicing this gate begins to build the energy body, which is essential to any kind of spiritual unfolding.

Schedule As Follows:
April Course (with Kameshvari)
Saturday, April 24, 10am – 1pm
Sunday, April 25, 9am-12pm
Monday, Wednesday & Friday, April 26, 28 & 30, 7-9am
Saturday, May 1, 10am – 1pm
Sunday, May 2, 9am-12pm

July Course (with Hrimati)
Saturday, July 17, 10am – 1pm
Sunday, July 18, 9am-12pm
Monday, Wednesday & Friday, July 19, 21 & 23, 7-9am
Saturday, July 24 , 10am – 1pm
Sunday, July 25, 9am-12pm

Cost: $145*
*includes Manual and Posters

This course is part of The Foundations of Yoga program. It is included in Course 1, or may be taken separately.










Sanskrit Chanting & More at Yoga Mandala

 - by Journey
Newari Painting Course
Date: 4/1/2010 – 6/29/2010
Time: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Teacher: Dinesh Charan Shrestra


Painting in the Newari Style is an aesthetic, meditative practice in which knowledge, skill and concentration come together to produce a vibrant and detailed embodiment of the divine. As Dinesh demonstrates through his work and teaching, once the techniques are learned applied and mastered the artist becomes an expression of creative inspiration.In this course you will learn:

  • Forms and mudras (gestures) specific to each deity
  • Arrangement and placement of ornaments landscape and borders
  • Techniques of graphite rendering
  • Application, blending and layering of paints
  • Buddhist and Hindu iconography

About the Teacher
An unparalleled treasure from the fine arts society of Nepal, Dinesh Charan and his traditional Newari paintings are rapidly gaining attention worldwide. Inspiration flowing unimpeded through his fingertips, Dinesh’s paintings imbibe the ecstatic, vibrational quality of aliveness. His rare talent has been awarded first prizes in the National Art Exhibition in Nepal and his works embellish the collections of many renowned collectors and galleries including artist/collector Robert Beer and the Asian Art Museum in Fukuoka, Japan. With several of his paintings published in books commemorating Newari art, his work is used as a model by both novice and experienced artists. As a teacher with impeccable, meditative technique, Dinesh is a gift to the serious and dedicated student.Cost: $455; Supplies (Not Included) $100-$200

Intro to Yoga Series
Date: 4/1/2010 – 5/6/2010
Time: 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Teacher: Sumanasa (Suzy) Daren


Begin your Yoga Practice with Confidence!Gain Flexibility, Strength and Coordination. Receive a detailed break-down of the most common Yoga poses. Experience basic Yogic breathing and meditation techniques. Get a brief and concise understanding of the foundational philosophy. Feel comfortable going into any on-going Level 1 or Level 1 /2 class. De-Stress from daily life!

Sign up now, class size limited!
The Intro to Yoga series has its first class every 6-8 weeks. Call for the next start date. The series is $75 for all 6 classes. If you miss any class or classes in the series, you may make up the class anytime within 1-year from when you first purchase the series. Pre-registration is strongly recommended.

Tantrik Ritual at Home
Date: 4/2/2010 – 4/2/2010
Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Teacher: Sambhu Peterson


Learn how to set up, maintain, and worship at a home altar.
The ancient science of ritual focuses on why and how to create a sacred space in the home along with simple maintenance and offering practices.

This class is open to anyone regardless of religious beliefs or previous study.

Cost: $20

Tantrik Ritual – Theory and Conduct
Date: 4/3/2010 – 4/3/2010
Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Teacher: Sambhu Peterson


Everything in ritual is an external representation of an internal process. The science of Tantrik Ritual – or Puja – is a complex and transformational tool.
We will be exploring some of this symbolism and discussing the reasoning, practical application, and benefit of conduct in a ritual setting.

This class is appropriate for anyone who is interested in understanding what is happening during a Puja or Homa. No previous knowledge or experience is necessary.

Cost: $35

Puja 1 Practical Review with Q & A
Date: 4/3/2010 – 4/3/2010
Time: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Teacher: Sambhu Peterson


An opportunity for those already practicing Puja to hone your skills and build your knowledge. This three hour class will be a slow run through of the Puja 1 Prayoga.
We will set up, perform, and break down a full puja together. Emphasis will be on preliminaries and upacaras with time for refining questions and answers.

Puja 1 class grads only. Please bring puja gear and manual.

Cost: $15

Sanskrit Chanting: Tools and Techniques
Date: 4/4/2010 – 4/4/2010
Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Teacher: Sambhu Peterson


This class will focus on proper Sanskrit pronunciation, the different rules of chanting rather than speaking Sanskrit, and finally, techniques to help your chanting improve.No prior experience necessary, beginners welcome.

Cost: $20

Tantrik Fire Ceremony for Personal Practice
Date: 4/4/2010 – 4/4/2010
Time: 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Teacher: Sambhu Peterson


Learn both the practical instructions and inner orientation of fire ceremony – or Homa.
There are many benefits to performing regular homa, including personal transformation, cultivation of awareness, and benefitting all beings.

Puja 1 class grads only.

Cost: $54

Yoga Retreat in Calistoga
Date: 4/9/2010 – 4/11/2010
Time: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Teacher: Retreat Instructors


Experiencing the Elements through the Senses
April 9-11, 2010
w/ Hrimati, Kameshvari & Sumanasa
Spend a rejuvenative weekend in the serene environment of Mayacamas Ranch, tucked away in the rolling hills above Calistoga. Twice daily Yoga classes, delicious meals, swimming, hiking, wine-tasting and a cooking class will offer you the opportunity to explore the five elements and reconnect with Source. Three experienced instructors will guide you in engaging mindfully with the senses while you indulge in all the relaxation this retreat has to offer.

Early Registration by March 1 – $545
After March 1 – $575
*Rates are based on double occupancy and include all meals, accommodations and classes. Single Occupancy rooms and discounted Dorm rates are also available. Massage treatments are available at an additional cost, please notify us if you would like to make an appointment.